January 17, 2024

City Councilors Visit KIPP Academy Lynn!

Right before winter break at KIPP Academy Lynn High Rock campus marked a special occasion as two, Lynn City Councilors Coco Alinsug and Dr. Pete Meaney, visited our school. Ward 3 City Councilor Coco Alinsug and Ward 1 Councilor Dr. Pete Meaney had a tour led by one of our  Student Ambassadors Aimalohi Lawani.

During the tour, Aimalohi showcased  KIPP Academy Lynn guiding the councilors through the significant sections of the school. The history of our school unfolded as they explored the campus, with a detour to the playground where one councilor even took on the monkey bars. The visit provided a look into our  classrooms, allowing the councilors to witness firsthand the incredible learning experiences of our students.

A highlight of their visit was a stop at the KIPP Academy Lynn  student council meeting, where both councilors introduced themselves to the members. This interaction provided students with an opportunity to engage with community leaders, asking questions and gaining valuable insights into the workings of Lynn City Government . The student council members had the chance to be active citizens, by asking councilors thought-provoking questions.

Some of the questions posed by students were about the representation of Lynn City Council reflecting the city’s diversity and the number of women serving on the council. These questions showed the students’ keen awareness of civic matters and their desire to understand their local government.

The visit allowed the councilors to experience our school but also created a platform for meaningful conversation between students and community leaders. These interactions serve as a testament of our students actively participating in civic life in their community.

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